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you are not alone

Surviving the battle to save your child from substance use disorder requires a tribe.

you just found your tribe.

I see you. One of the thousands of moms who are scared, angry, exhausted, and feeling alone while your child is misusing drugs or alcohol. We're a hidden society of women trying to cope with life and working to save our baby who is hurting him or herself daily. Someone who hasn't lived it cannot even begin to understand.

“The Stream is an oasis of support for moms on a much more personal level than any other online group can provide.”  -Trish, member

Your son or daughter may be actively using or you may be experiencing the temporary ability to breathe while they’re in treatment. Or you may be holding your breath again as they transition to sober living or another recovery situation. 

Trust me when I say I get it - I've lived through the sleepless nights, the constant worry, the feelings of guilt, hopelessness, and despair that come with a child who's misusing drugs or living in addiction. 

Joining The Stream gives you a positive, validating, and health-focused community of fellow moms who are, or have been in your shoes. It's a quiet, supportive place to learn, share, and find strength. You won't see ads or political news in this private space (not on Facebook).

Members of The Stream have access to certified health coaches, addiction and treatment specialists, self-care and weight management professionals, mindfulness experts, private events, a book club, regional groups, weekly,
live online meetings and more.

join your tribe

The Stream is offered through a monthly or annual membership fee, charged on a sliding scale to enable every momma to be supported. 

Monthly membership options range from $20 to $50/month or annually from $299 to $499. If you need a different membership option, please click here and send a request.

For each annual membership purchased, a scholarship membership is given.

Just know, if you need this community, we're here to support you. 

If you'd like, you can donate a membership or if you're with a treatment facility and interested in memberships for your clients' moms, please click here.

I hope you'll join this special community and look forward to seeing you in The Stream.

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