for moms impacted by a child's substance use or addiction

we provide the healing power of community when your son or daughter is misusing drugs or alcohol

We help moms of kids with substance use and addiction issues stay
healthy, connected, and sane

You may be feeling isolated, confused, scared, and exhausted.

You're not sleeping well, have gained (or lost) enough weight to make you worried, and are getting sick more than normal.

You want to hold boundaries and have more control but your son or daughter isn't following rules and you feel helpless.

The Stream is where you find ways to be healthier, worry less, sleep better and get a handle on hard things like boundaries, enabling and how to navigate this challenging season of life.

you'll connect in real-time at events, workshops, and healthy activities during the week

private sub-groups connect you with other members in similar stages of the journey to share
questions, experiences, and insights

The Stream is a private and positive space to learn, rest and recharge away from all social media sites 

  • moms of teens or college-aged kids who are experimenting with or dependent on marijuana and alcohol
  • moms with kids misusing substances like Xanax, fentanyl, cocaine, or heroin
  • moms of kids identifying as LGBTQ+ and who struggle with addiction or substance misuse
  • moms of kids in wilderness therapy or treatment programs
  • moms of adopted children who struggle with substance use
  • moms with kids transitioning to sober living or in early recovery

Cathy Cioth, (L) Community Director & Brenda Zane, (R) Founder

"I created this space, so no other mom has to suffer alone with feelings of helplessness and isolation when her son or daughter is struggling with substance use or addiction. It's the place I needed and wish existed when I was going through it." - Brenda Zane

"I learned early on how important it was to have a community around me when our family struggled with addiction. Now it’s a passion of mine to help others find balance and peace in their lives when they're faced with similar challenges." - Cathy Cioth

The Stream is a confidential (not on Facebook), judgment-free space to learn, share and find strength so you're better equipped to help yourself and help your son or daughter.

The Stream is free for two weeks while you get to know us, so there's no risk.

Explore our convenient monthly and annual membership options* below for more details

*We offer financial scholarships to those who wish to join and need some assistance. Simply email us here; we'd love to help, no questions asked. 

got questions? See our FAQ here

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